About Us - mParsec Your Cloud Partner

Your Cloud Partner

Founded in 2013, mPARSEC is a Software Development Company providing consultancy services to the clients. We specialize in latest Microsoft technologies and we’re a Microsoft Partner Company. We believe in using state-of-the-art tools and technologies in our development to give our best to the clients.

Our dream is to be a leading provider of cloud based solutions to clients across various industries in the global marketplace. We have started with a dream to transform your ideas and needs into fully working, innovative and successful Web and Mobile products.

Our aim is to achieve maximum efficiency, security and reusability on all projects. We develop quality products and our strength is the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies that differentiate us from others. We specialize in (but not limited to) Microsoft Technologies and we are a ‘Microsoft Partner Company’.

mPARSEC provides premium quality software development services with maximum efficiency, security and reusability.

We have a vast experience of building tailored applications using Microsoft’s .NET development framework. If you are looking to create a website, mobile app, Cloud based Backend System or anything else which involves seriously shrewd programming, we can help you achieve that.

We use Microsoft Azure that is a collection of integrated cloud services that we use to build, deploy and manage applications. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want a cloud model to your business.

Storage is a substantial challenge within any organisation and it’s getting difficult to keep up with the amount at which data is being formed. Benefiting from the Cloud can be a solution to this challenge. With Azure based solutions, you can gain the advantage of low-cost Cloud storage, without losing performance.

It can be hard to predict how your business will grow and when you need extra resources for high transaction volume. Running application at high load is difficult to handle using traditional hosting models. We build applications with ability to scale alongside your business. We offer a host of application services that will allow you to customize the cloud as your business needs.

We provide you with the ability to create hybrid cloud solution by using on-premise resources and the cloud resources without expensive workarounds.

We use “Agile Software Development” methodology through which solutions evolve through the collective effort of self-organizing teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, minimum marketable product delivery, continuous enhancements and rapid response to change.

We utilize “Team Foundation Sever” for Application Life cycle Management which provides automated deployment and the ability to visualize and track progress throughout the project. We deliver your solutions as a managed service.

If you want to have an edge in this highly competitive market, we can help you by providing latest Cloud-based software solutions and harnessing the power of Big Data and machine learning.

About Us - mParsec Your Cloud Partner